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Dr. Jenna Kim

Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jenna Kim is a board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon specializing in upper and lower eyelid surgery, tear duct surgery, and brow lift as well as non-surgical procedures of the face and lips.

Dr. Kim studied music at University of Virginia before heading to Washington University in St. Louis for her medical degree. She trained at Yale New Haven Hospital as a resident in ophthalmology then received oculoplastic surgery training from internationally celebrated surgeons Geoffrey Gladstone MD in Detroit, Michigan, and Jeffrey Schiller MD in New York City. She also credits Guy Massry MD in Beverly Hills, California for modern cosmetic surgical training. Her expertise in oculoplastic surgery has been shared in surgical textbooks and presented at international surgical conferences including the Cosmetic Surgery Forum. 

With careful attention to detail down to the last fraction of a millimeter, Dr. Kim distinguishes herself as a master surgeon. 

During her free time, Dr. Kim enjoys learning about  flight medicine and flight safety as a private pilot.

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