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Frequently Asked Questions

Will insurance cover my surgery?

At your consultation, Dr. Kim will determine the likelihood for coverage by health insurance. Many surgical procedures for the eyelid and face are covered by insurance including Medicare.

What is the expected recovery time from eyelid surgery?

Bruising and swelling after surgery is expected. During the first two days after surgery, bruising and swelling worsen. In the subsequent two to three weeks, you will notice decrease in swelling and bruising. Some sutures may need to stay in place for the first week or two before removal.

What are common risks and complications from eyelid surgery?

Specific risks may vary, but in general, bleeding, swelling, infection requiring antibiotics may occur. Asymmetry, dry eyes, need for further surgery or procedure, and others complications are also possible. Request a consultation with Dr. Kim to inquire about your specific need for surgery or procedure.

What skin laser do you use?

Dr. Kim uses fractionated CO2 laser MixTo for skin resurfacing including skin around the eyelids as well as face. The laser is well tolerated by most patients, and with post-laser care at home, excellent skin resurfacing result can be expected.

Can I have multiple procedures at once?

Yes! Dr. Kim can create a customized plan for you based on your unique facial features and needs.

How much do you charge per unit of Botox?

Pricing depends on the treatment area(s). As of 7/27/2021, the pricing is $11/unit. Full treatment of the forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crows feet is around $594.

Where do you do your procedures?

If all you need is Botox, it can be done in the office. Surgeries and lasers are done at the Monticello Surgery Center in Charlottesville. 

Give us a call or contact us through the web if you still have further questions.

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